Five great reasons why entering awards is great for business. Your business.

Business awards are a great way of putting your organisation firmly on the map. Just being nominated gives your brand real “bounce”. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that you need to a huge business with 000’s of employees to enter – and win – awards. On the contrary, you can be a sole trader to enter and win. Whatever the size of your business, you'll need to show your ambition here.

Question: what is really holding you back? No matter what the size of your business you can enter a business award. Just being nominated for an award is a real boost not only to customers, but also prospects, suppliers, employees, future talent that you are recruiting but also your brand’s awareness in the market place.

Marketing is now a critical business function. Completing such an award entry is a great way of promoting your business and you should find time to map out your awards; why not share the load? Colleagues can give you a different insight which the judges could well appreciate. 

If the above hasn't convinced you, here's 5 reasons why you should enter the awards that more-or-less every industry sector has. 

1. Brand awareness
Entering your choice of words is superb PR in itself. You haven’t even crowned winner yet, either! By using your digital channels, and if you have them your sales and account management teams, to inform your client and prospect base, you can inform all those interested in you of the good work you’ve undertaken and you’re being recognised for by a totally independent body. However, top of your agenda if you are nominated is tell your staff and colleagues. They are all marketers, so make sure they know the “party line” – this is superb motivation.

Don’t forget to write social updates, devise email campaigns to your suppliers and put some awareness of your nomination on everyone within the business’ email footer. This is good news – share it! In advance of the awards ceremony, put a comms plan together of the channels you need to inform if you win.

Winning a business award for excellence can catapult your organisation, that’s for certain. Make sure you wring every opportunity to tell industry, your suppliers, your competition of your success – it’s great PR!

2. Enhanced credibility
There’s many things you can do as a business to enhance your credibility; continuous service delivery excellence, a regular blog, training, communications within and outside of your organisation etc. But have you thought of the enhancement your business will experience by just being nominated for an award?

It gives a “feel good” to the business and a bounce to go with it. These are happy and productive days. I'm speaking from experience too. 

3. Differentiation
In a crowded market place, where you and the competition are constantly competing for the same customers, what you need is an asset that ensures you stand out. Being nominated and, if successful, winning an award will ensure your business has that magic dust that inspires future customers of your capabilities and could sway more custom your way. Make an award nomination win work hard for you. It's a good idea to have a promotional plan in place before the award winners are announced so you can pounce on the many benefits?

4. A real feel-good for everyone
The key to a successful business is the dedication and commitment of a loyal and efficient workforce. Each and every award is designed to reflect positively on your work force. The glow from a short listing and win underlines what’s great and different about your business; this is great news for you to share with your colleagues and employees. It’s a morale booster and the pride you feel should be shared with those in your employ. It also helps with retention of your staff.

They'll be an awards evening to attend, so why not treat your colleagues to a night of (potential) celebration?

5. Pitching yourself
Award wins do amazing things for business. As we’ve covered, employees will share your pride for winning as it reflects well on their commitment and work ethic. However, have you considered how it helps you attract your next crop of standout employees. After all, people want to work with successful businesses. You might have to put up with a few more calls from recruitment agencies pitching for your work!

Good luck.
Chris Phillips
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