How to compile blockbuster business award entries – that get you noticed

There’s still some cynicism around award entries, do they work? In my experience, yes, they do. However, you do need to identify the right awards and make the effort with the content required.

Award nominations and success can do wonders for your brand in your respective market place. I won’t go through the list again, but you can read my thoughts here. Speaking from experience too.  When you enter awards, is your business’s chance to shine. You know you’ve done an outstanding job, why not publicise it? Here are 7 tips on what to include in your entries. Entries are also welcoming more multimedia examples, so that’s covered too.

  • Read the questions carefully. It's an obvious start!

All the instructions and questions have been set out specifically, so make sure you answer and adhere to what the judges are asking for.

  • What's your plan?

You’ll be full of examples where you have succeeded and can demonstrate to the judges how your business – in your opinion – has done sufficient amounts to win. Ask your colleagues and draft your entry; it could pay dividends.

  • What’s the narrative?

There’s a word limit on each question, and whilst you don’t have to use all the space allocated, use what you need to explain the challenge and how you fulfilled it.

In that space, avoid the trap of “what we did”. Instead, explain the challenge, how you rectified it and any dividends that came of your work. Be expansive, creative and how your business improved a situation. Were you innovative? Was your campaign inventive? How have you differentiated?

Remember, you need the judges to say “wow” to themselves. It will make you stand out.

  • No waffle, please

Be clear and concise when writing your entries. Do not use insider “jargon” – remember this is being read by an independent, third party so they need to consume easily what’s presented. Bullet points here are a good idea. Also, remember your tone and language. Don’t speak in third person; you’re talking about your business’ efforts – “we” is acceptable. This is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your passionate and pride in your efforts. Would anyone have completed the project better than you? That’s up to you to persuade the judges.

  • Provide evidence – where you can and sensitively

You believe you’ve had an excellent year, now’s the time to prove it to the judges.

You’ll need to align your business objectives and strategy to how you’ve been efficient and demonstrated your dexterity in your field.

If you’ve referenced a client, why not ask for a testimonial; it will help. Why not complete a short case study? With the client’s agreement, you can use it in your business development efforts and can issue on your social channels.

  • Be critical

When’s you’ve written your entry, read it and ask people in your team/business to read it. Then, crucially, ask someone objective to read your entry. If they are not impressed, our judges won’t be either.

  • It’s not just about the written word

Some awards organisers deliberately ask for images, videos and uploads. Where it’s asked, this will definitely help your cause to exercise these facilities and your resources. It will help the judges understand and apply merit to your submission. With the availability of smart phones that can provide video content, have you anything to lose?

If you want some guidance or would you like your awards structured and collated? Do get in touch, we’re competitive and work to your time frames: 01442 503723 or email: