In the land of the blind....

The value of social media to businesses and professionals can’t be underestimated. It’s done wonders to keep us in touch. Yesterday, when I presented on my Digital Fit course, I outlined how social media can benefit any organisation with:

•      Reputation Management

•      Encouraging brand advocacy

•      Engaging with current fans and prospects

•      Helping the sales process

•      Puts you on the map

So, with all these opportunities, why is it so hard to reply to customers/fans on social media when a question has been posted? The mind boggles when the number of brands - too many to mention - who can’t be bothered to reply.

Two recent examples – from mid-April - I experienced which are not uncommon to many:

I watched a YouTube clip of an interview by an F1 pundit I’ve always respected. I wrote to him on Twitter and said: “I really enjoyed your interview on YouTube with (name obscured to protect the guilty). Would you consider interviewing (name of client)?  I’m sure racing fans would enjoy listening to your questions.

Not unreasonable, you’d think? I didn’t even get a LIKE from him. Not only have I praised the interviewer, I’ve suggested more content that others might find interesting.

The second instance is my razor from a subscription-based business. I’ve tried a couple of these firms, and then the latest seemed to be OK, however, I was having an issue. The razor blade itself kept detaching itself from the handle – I can’t tell you how many dropped down the toilet! I made a joke about this on the Tweet I sent. I sent it a couple of times. No response. I just wanted to know if there was a fault with the handle.

Clearly, they’re not interested. They were happy to sign me up, but when I have a question, they’re not interested. In the end, I waded through chapter and verse on their website and discontinued. I went back to Boots and bought a leading brand that rhymes with “Hillette.”

Today’s top tip. Whatever size your business, allocate a period of the day to acknowledge not only new likers, but also questions. People have taken the time to write to ask a question – given both their lacklustre responses (or lack of them) to me will I advocate them? No, I won’t. Will I tell my friends, family etc, of course, I will! With Oliver Myles Marketing and the accounts we manage, we always reply.

A small step goes a long way. You can’t help everyone, but getting back in touch, even if it isn’t good news is better than ignoring people altogether. What is the adage? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king seems relevant here.