Making Periscope work for you - it's all about revenue generation

Periscope is the new kid on the block. The free app, purchased by Twitter, was launched 50 days ago today. Arguably, it’s still in its infancy and as a new social media, marketers are looking at how revenue and brand building can be achieved through its use.

Yet, the good habits learnt by marketers and business owners over the last few years will stand you in good stead when engaging in Periscope. At present, Periscope is free. It brings immediate content delivery to your audiences. Lasting 24 hours, if your target can’t access your content immediately they can watch it within 24hrs of your “transmission”. Think of the possibilities you can achieve if you’re conducting a product launch or 24 hour sale? I remember the 10% off days at Homebase. Just think how Periscope could upscale that? The mind boggles. With Periscope free, ROI is easy to calculate, yet marketers need to work and hard to generate any return. 

This is what you need to do:

  • Identify a content plan. Stick to it. The more relevant the content, the more credible you are
  • ​Once every few months just won’t do.
  • Target your audience
  • Gain followers (there is a difference)
  • Set objectives
  • Focus on quality and quantity 

With your opinion – like you’ve been doing on facebook, blogs etc – your audience will understand your values, approach and how you can make a difference. Remember this is an audio visual medium. It will take out the “lethargy” out of any written content.  Also, remember people buy from people – your personality can be firmly instilled in your “scopes”.

Branded content will all be considered by Periscope, but in the fullness of time. Further refinements to the offering from Periscope will come on stream shortly. Advertising will surely be considered by this new medium. Pre-roll advertising – used abundantly on YouTube – is the most likely, but as are “inplay” or banner advertising. And then of course there’s the A/V and any graphics you can embed or place behind you when filming.

When you’re producing new content, promote it. If your customers/clients can’t catch it, send them an email with the embedded link. Remember, they’ve 24 hours to watch your masterpiece.

Is it worth a go? Yes! More and more people will come on stream with Periscope shortly. What everyone is looking for is captains of industry and celebs (this has got to be right up Ricky Gervais’ street?), but why wait for them? Create your content and post it. Remember the tips above and you’ll be on track to generating revenue.

Need help to write your content or interpret data for your “scope”, please do call me. 

Chris Phillips


Oliver Myles Marketing

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