The value of branded clothing to your business

A quick tale from me. I recently attended a local networking group in Aylesbury. I went on my own, got myself a drink and gently introduced myself to a few participants.

I like informal networking where you discover new contacts and (hopefully) forge new alliances.

After about an hour, I went to get another coffee and I said hi to another guy. We both got straight to the point: “Where are you from?” – after introducing each other and remarking on how busy the meeting was.

It was then he said, “I recognise your brand name.” He pondered, and then he remarked: “You’ve got the vibrant orange logo, I’ve seen your colleagues wearing clothing with your branding.” It was a eureka moment for me.  The moral of this story, and it's especially pertinent to start-ups and SMEs, is invest in clothing with your brand attached.

Oliver Myles Marketing is designed to be vivid, memorable and reliable. People are beginning to recognise situations where we’ve been, and our name has stuck in someone’s memory. It underlines our brand values, how we look at things differently and also, it’s striking. I’m very happy. The quality of the print and clothing is also important. Speak to Simon Cox of Simon Cox Marketing Solutions Limited on 01536 869688, 07533 774420 or email: Great service, support, and pricing.