Why your business blog could encourage customers to buy, instead of saying “bye-bye”

A regularly updated business blog is a very appropriate method to generate new business for your organisation. How? Let me explain….

Don't hold back on scheduling your bloggIt’s your opinion; it’s not right or wrong, it’s your viewpoint.
Do you want to be seen as a vanilla business that doesn’t stand for anything or are you leader? Just don’t be libellous!

Good for your digital presence
Every time you write a blog post, it's one more indexed page on your website, which means it's one more opportunity for you to show up in search engines.

Don’t forget your social channels
Make sure you promote your new blog on your social channels. Share it with your colleagues and suppliers to post on their professional and, if they’re willing, on their personal feeds.

It underlines your expertise on the subject
Credibility is important. Clients feel reassured when they read what you’re blogging or vlogging about.

It’s good for the soft sell
Going networking or a business development drive? Talking about a subject you’ve blogged about removes obstacles, creates discussion points and relationships could begin! The hard sell is so 20th Century.

You’ll be surprised what people enjoy reading and listen to.
You’ll be surprised what people enjoy. Put it on your personal and professional social channels and be committed.

Things to remember about your blogging and the scheduling of it:

Blogging is not just written. Why not stand in front of the camera? Here's me (again) - click to view video:
Oliver Myles Marketing vlogging about blogging





Speak to either Dave or Ed at Business Film Booth to get your vlogs live. They're very highly recommended.

Struggling what to blog about?
It can be hard, but be creative! What’s happened in the week just gone? Think laterally. Also, invite others to take part in your blog. This creates profile for other members of staff and takes another thing off your to-do list. Also, why not ask for "guest blogs". This is where you could ask clients to write something for you.

Details matter

  • When you've written the blog, ask someone to read it over for you.
  • Your blogs need images to captivate. File them with useful, descriptive names and not, for example, IMG077765231 that is automatically generated when the image is taken.
  • Use Alt Tags within the images as this too is very search engine friendly.
  • Do remember meta tags, keywords and page titles. This is good for SEO and page ranking. An example provided below. 

Commit to it! 
There’s nothing worse than seeing one blog in November and then the next one the following July. It does more harm than good. Ideally, you need to be sending approx. two a month. No one is saying you must write all of them. Why not ask different members of your team for a different viewpoint and perspective? Schedule your campaign and commit; there’s more going on in your micro and macro environment than you think. For example, the Spring Budget is suitable blogging material because it affects every business.Oh yes, I almost forgot it doesn't have to be reams - just whatever you feel. 

Enjoy it!
This should not be a job to detest; it's another voice for your business.

Need help writing?Share the load of your blogs; discuss with colleagues and maybe invite guest bloggers
I’d be delighted to discuss your business and the blogs you can write and publish on a regular occasion. I’m relied upon by a number of businesses to write on their behalf, here’s some examples:

Michael Anthony Estate Agents

MRK Associates

Hayes Finance

Do call me on 01442 503723 or email: chris@olivermyles.co.uk I’d love to discuss your needs.